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  • RESF – Ed’S 2020 Yule Tide Mix

    RESF – Ed’S 2020 Yule Tide Mix

    Around holiday times, I rarely have much to give anyone. I don’t make much money, so I have to make something to give people. But what can I make? What would people really enjoy?How about a radio show?Everybody likes music, right?That’s it!This is Episode 93.10: Ed’s 2020 Yule Tide Mix.So, this is now my tenth!…

  • Ed’s 2019 Yule Tide Mix

    Whoa, I am way behind on updating to my website. I will do better at this some day. But for now…how about a little music? I realized something after mixing this together…The songs are all rather upbeat, major keys. You can tap your foot to most of them. But upon analyzing the lyrics to the…

  • Radio EdSoft Films – 112.4 Instrumental Musicality vol. 4

    Radio EdSoft Films – 112.4 Instrumental Musicality vol. 4 by Edcool1 on Mixcloud

  • Dolly, Never Go Away Again

    :-/ Well I’ve been away a while. Will I find the motivation to return? Find out January 1st.

  • Finally some sleep

    Had a few dreams last night. Freshest one found me lighting fire crackers on the sidewalk by my house. I get a little freaked out when I see thus bright red light, thinking I started a fire, but after frantically trying to find that fire to put it out, I realize it’s just an especially…