About Ed

This is the part where I explain who I am and what I’m doing

So, I’m Ed. I have a lot of various interests, such as Movies, Music, Photography, Tech, Food, Politics, and Comedy.

I like to think my interests are both varied and not unique. Everything I like might not be for everybody, but I like to think I can share something with everybody. I would like to find where my interests overlap with yours, whoever you may be.

I graduated with a degree in Cinema from San Francisco State. While I enjoy film making, it doesn’t quite pay any bills the way I’ve been doing it, and I don’t know if I’m into changing the way I do it. On Monday, February 6th, I start my first ‘real’ job at the Department of Motor Vehicles in San Mateo. Since I live in El Cerrito, that’s a 45 minute commute each way, not considering the effect of bad traffic. So, unless I want to drive through a lot of bumper to bumper traffic, I have to get there really early, and leave really late. I expect to find the work mind-numbingly boring, but it’s a check, and it’ll help me erase my student debts.

I created this blog for a number of reasons, the most imperative being that I wanted to have something to do in the hours I’m in San Mateo but not at work. I want to keep my toe in the creative waters I damn near drowned in. But more than that, I wanted to have a place to share my work, my thoughts and ideas.

At first, I expect this blog to be a kind of therapy for me, but, as time goes on, I hope it will become something greater. Something that not only has meaning for me, but also has meaning for you. I don’t know if I’ll make it there, but I wont if I don’t try.

EdSoft Films Manifesto

Seems like a lot of film movements and groups have manifestos. EdSoft Films is me, and I’m most likely not a film movement, but I still think I need a manifesto to keep this blog on the right track. So, in no particular order:

  • Write about everything
  • Enjoy more of everything
  • Try not to get discouraged
  • Blog every day
  • Make one radio show a week
  • Make one short video a week
  • Write one longer post a week
  • Share photos you take
  • Add old content to this new blog
  • You can sleep when you’re dead
  • Don’t forget to sleep

What to expect from this blog

Daily posts about the stuff I do, including the stuff I watch, listen to, and read. Three weekly features: An hour long radio program, a 1-3 minute video, and a more thought out post. Observations about my new job. Either brief or long reviews of feature films I see. Either brief or long reviews of stuff I have to pay for. Collections of photos I’ve taken.


2 responses to “About Ed”

  1. Greg Mandanis Avatar

    Hi Edward, can you add sound effects for a audio drama podcast?

    1. edcool1 Avatar

      I’m sorry I’m just now seeing this comment. Can you tell me more?

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