Month: March 2012

  • T.G.I.F.

    So I’ve noticed that I appear to only dream when I get less sleep than I probably need. Looking at the chart though, doesn’t seem like I missed all that much… I neglect to mention, though, that I didn’t really get out of bed until closer to 6. I was sort of half asleep, checking […]

  • The Lorax and Metropolis

    The Lorax and Metropolis John Carter and Casa de mi Padre These are the four films I haven’t reviewed yet. Maybe it was seeing all four in close succession, but I started thinking about how those films are all tied together. For a moment, I had it figured out. In my head the films paired […]

  • Gonna be a long day

    Remember when I used to talk about my sleep? Well that’s back. So I’ve been averaging less than 7 hours of sleep every night…maybe that’s not a big deal. I’m pretty sure I did dream last night, but nothing memorable. The other night I was embarrassed to realize I was dreaming about work. That’s the […]

  • Sunday #7

    This week seemed to go by without much happening. Not really a great week for me. Obviously I neglected this blog. I got about 1/4 of the way through the reviews I have to write…and that’s it. I didn’t bother to bring my computer with me, or leave early enough that bringing it would have […]

  • Keep my audience riveted.

    So I think I realized recently that, while it’s important to write every day, it’s not that important that I post something everyday. First of all, who’s actually checking this website everyday? I think the answer is no one. Optimistically, no one yet. If, by luck, I write something good now, it will only be […]

  • KECG

    The other day, I got an email from Corey Mason, director of the worldOne festival, station manager at KECG, and former teacher of mine. I’ll just share the text here: Dear Evolving Conscious Gruuvers… A GOOD thing… We have been invited by Asst. Superintendent Mr. Wendell Greer to make a report and presentation on all things […]

  • Sunday #6

    So is that it? 4 weeks of committed posting and I’ve given up already? No! I can’t succumb to that. I must persist. I think daylight savings time is the major reason I’ve been flaking the last 2 weeks. Here’s to hoping I can go back to the way it was before this week. I […]

  • Yo no se

    When I finally post the post I’ve been dealing with since last Thursday, people are gonna say ‘That’s it? A week to write and that’s all you got?’ By people, I’m mostly referring to me. I wonder if I should even post it, at this point. Eh I’ll get to it. Anyway, last night I […]

  • Sunday #5

    So I’ve been screwing up the last few days, respecting this website. I have wrote a bit, but I didn’t finish it in time to post on Thursday, and then Friday I just blew it anyway. Regardless, I gotta do better. Over the weekend, I did do some work on an upcoming presentation to the […]

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