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  • Radio EdSoft Films – 103.1 Spooky Catharsis

  • Radio EdSoft Films – 93.6b Ed’s 2016 Yule Tide RADIO Mix

    This is an updated version of the previous show of the same name. This is the one I made specifically to play around Christmas on KECG. Just added some holy-jolly songs and took out some of the songs less in the spirit of things. Still good!

  • Sunday #8

    Oh right it’s Sunday. April 1st at that. It’s a little too late in the day for me to be coming up with April Fools jokes, but what I do have is this year’s edition of worldOne on Radio EdSoft Films. I think it came out pretty good. Have a listen below (pre-announce version, all…

  • Gonna be a long day

    Remember when I used to talk about my sleep? Well that’s back. So I’ve been averaging less than 7 hours of sleep every night…maybe that’s not a big deal. I’m pretty sure I did dream last night, but nothing memorable. The other night I was embarrassed to realize I was dreaming about work. That’s the…