Sunday #13

Lucky thirteen.

My first stretch of training completed, I will officially be put to work at the job I was hired for about 5 months ago.

And I no longer get to coast as though I don’t know what I’m doing.

I’ve neglected this blog for a couple extra hours of sleep these last few weeks, and I’m disappointed in myself. I suppose I knew this would happen eventually. My original plan of leaving early and working at the Starbucks has kind of fallen apart.

Just in general, driving to work is highly stressful and expensive. I must figure out an alternative. Conveniently, May is bike month. The only real way to get to my job from BART is by way of a 30 minute bike ride. I think this BART/bike solution is the most sound plan, because it costs less and provides me with a great opportunity for exercise. Consequently, it multiplies the commute time by at least 3. Also, I’ll be coming in to work, tired, sweaty, and probably hungry.

My 9 hour day will become a 12 hour day, I’ll have even less time to do ‘extra curriculars.’ I’ll always be tired. I’ll subject myself to terrible noise pollution. I’ll drive up the likeliness that I’ll be late.

I dunno, is all of that worth a couple hundred bucks a month?

Is this job even worth the salary I’m getting?

It’s very hard to say. I need help.






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