All good soreness.

Is this gonna be my life from now on? Man.

Kinda felt like wasting time this morning, so I’ll keep this short.

Am I writing too much? I mean, if I had readers, it’d be okay. But the more I write now, when pretty much nobody is reading, the more people wont want to read it later.

Maybe they wont want to read it ever, anyway.

Maybe the goal should be to write about specific things, and less of this stream of consciousness blog crap. That way, if people want to read old stuff, they just have to search for a tag or a category.

Not sure what to make of this, really. I mean, if I want to write well, I need to write more, but if I write more crap that’s not going to help.

Not sure where to go. Suggestions would be helpful, if there’s anybody out there.






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