Pink eye

Sleep report for 2/22-23/2012
Wasted days and hard nights–how long 'til I get it right?

So the other fat white guy at work has had a serious conjunctivitis since I started working there, I feel like I’m getting it.

Maybe I’m just not getting enough sleep. Or maybe it’s just the light by the mirror making it look worse than it is.

Eye strain might be the cause, though. Too much time spent looking at screens, from the TV to the computer to my iPhone. Also, driving is pretty eye-intensive, and I’m doing a lot of that. It could be related to the florescent lighting everywhere; I just know those lights are crap. But is any of that enough to really do damage to my eye? I hope not. I like my eyes.

The worst part is, I always have these bloodshot eyes and I don’t even smoke. It’d be one thing to look like a stoner if I actually was one, but I’m not and I still look like shit. I haven’t earned that stoner look, it’s more like I inherited it.

Another issue with my eyes is, sometimes I see what looks like a brown speck floating in my eyeball. I know my brain is doing a lot of filtering on what my eye actually sees, but for it to miss a spot like that, I worry I’ve done some damage. Maybe I spent too long a time looking at the sun, or my dad welding, or camera flashes, or stage lights. Or maybe it’s more the sign of early diabetic damage. I hope not. I certainly hope it doesn’t get any worse.






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