Duel Links

No, not those links!

If you were born today, you’d only have a birthday every 4 years. SUCKS TO BE YOU.

I don’t have much to say or much time to say it this morning, so I’m gonna share a few links I’ve built up. Dunno if they’re any good, just links I didn’t have time to read before.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how different my life might be right now if I’d stuck with studying Japanese instead of Film. I’d certainly have a more marketable skill. This link is to an infographic that kinda tells you the milestones involved with studying Japanese, but there’s not really anything there. I seem to remember there being some system for learning kanji in English (as opposed to Japanese or Chinese or something), learn the meaning and how to interpret them, write them, without having to learn the words and so forth. Then it’s just a matter of learning the grammar and pronunciation. The way they usually teach you kanji is the way they learned it, repetition. Here’s 20 blank sheets, fill ’em up with this one character. Here’s 40 blank sheets, fill them up with this character, and then this other character that’s the same but different.

Then do that 10,000 times.

Yeah it’s frustrating. That’s kind of where I gave up on Japanese. I just didn’t have the time in my college workload to do that, and everything else I needed to do. I made a choice, and chose film. And here I am now. But maybe I can get back into it. I want to learn the kanji before I try to get back into the actual Japanese language, though. Anybody know what that english kanji learning system is?

Speaking of the divergent paths I could have taken, writing about film is still something I’d like to do, ultimately with the goal of becoming a good enough writer to write my own stuff. That’s what this blog is all about, after all.

But writing about specific things is hard. Me dumb. Me no like work.

And on that note, I’ma cut this post off there for today.







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