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Radio EdSoft Films – 93.11 – Ed’s 2021 Yule Tide Mix

Merry Christmas!

Around holiday times, I rarely have much to give anyone. I don’t make much money, so I have to make something to give people. But what can I make? What would people really enjoy?
How about a radio show?
Everybody likes music, right?
That’s it!
This is Episode 93.11: Ed’s 2021 Yule Tide Mix.
As always, the mix is designed to be something you can listen to any time of the year. It’s designed to be a gift, not only from myself, but also from my mother and father, who’ve shaped my musical tastes throughout my life. I like to smash the tastes of the three of us together, juxtaposing with little concern for genre, but still attempting to achieve musicality.
I hope you enjoy this mix.
May all your days be jolly, holiday or not.

1Streets of Gold (REMIX)  The Brothers C. Berry3:33
2karma  Shiro Sagisu2:56
3FACE OF THE JESUS  Bob Schneider / Max Frost3:19
4Oh Tengo Suerte  Masayoshi Takanaka3:04
5Back On the Chain Gang  Pretenders3:45
6Downtown (uptempo)  Anna Taylor Joy3:23
7Cherry Wine Nas (Feat. Amy Winehouse) 5:53
8Cosmic Feeling  Flamingosis3:43
9White Winter Hymnal  Jesca Hoop2:16
10The Only Thing I Would Wish For  Angela Bofill3:07
11Kusuri o Takusan (So Many Medicines) Taeko Ōnuki4:00
12Amor Califas  Bang Data2:27
13Net Rush  SEATBELTS2:01
14(There’s) Always Something There To Remind Me  Sandie Shaw1:16
15I’ve Got a Feeling (Savile Row)  The Beatles2:40
16We Do It But Never Know Why  The Go! Team3:53
17La Japonaise  Banda Magda2:50
18Ballad of the Wind Fish (Shore Version) Ryo Nagamatsu1:21
19New Years Eve (11:55 p.m.) Animal Crossing Band1:47
20Happy New Year!  Animal Crossing Band0:17
21New Years Eve (12:00 a.m.) Animal Crossing Band1:45
22Jarreau of Rap (Skatt Attack) Nas (feat. Al Jarreau & Keyon Harrold)3:14
23Balls Sparks4:20
24Get Off the Internet  Le Tigre2:14
25Being Gone  Todd Herfindal0:19
26Goodnight, Paloma  Serene Neon1:17
27River Run  Network Music Ensemble1:01
28Sourire Mito MMZ1:23
29Per L’eternita (Piano Version)  Ken Nishikiori4:02
30Peaceful Times (Radio EdSoft Films Outro) Miyagi Junko/Ice Cube0:48





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